What Are Your Goals for 2023?

I'm a fan of resolutions, New Year's or otherwise. I love a goal. But I'm not going to pretend that it's easy to begin the pursuit of new goals. This post is the perfect example of that. I decided to start a blog for Resumental in the new year, but here I am, writing the first post on the 5th of the month! Which, I know isn't that late but at the same time, I've been hemming and hawing about it for five full days when I could have just written it. But that's part of being human--procrastinating all while having our dreams loom above us like that Charlie Brown rain cloud, drenching us in the guilt of our own paralysis. You'd think that having a dream would feel more like sprinting toward a gleaming ray of sunshine, AND YOU'D BE WRONG! Ok, maybe that's just how *I'm* feeling lately :). Why is it so hard to pursue the thing that will make us happy? Those of us who follow a few too many Instagram psychology accounts (guilty) might blame fear of success / fear of failure...sure. But also, it's not that complex. It's just HARD to start new things! This is all to say, if your goal for the new year is to get yourself out there and start sniffing around for a new job but you're dragging your feet, I'm here to say I GET IT. I'm dragging my feet too (it's hard to feel motivated in a gray and gloomy Chicago January). But I'm here to help when you're ready. It's going to be a great year.