Client satisfaction, confidence, and results are my top priority.  Here's what my clients have to say about their experience working one-on-one with me. 

"I cannot recommend Resumental's services enough. In fact, I have done just that with several friends and colleagues who have been ready to make a professional move, but needed some added expertise in compiling their resume. First impressions are key and given my experience with Resumental, it's not surprising how much I believe in this service. The first time I had my resume done, I was working a job that I liked, but had reached the limits as far as advancement possibilities. I knew I had a lot of valuable skills, but I couldn't see how they fit together or how to present them in a way that was succinct and showcased the things I could bring to an organization. A friend recommended Julie to me and I'm so glad she did. The process was comfortable and even confidence building. Through talking with Julie, I was able to explain all the different things I did and she organized it in a way that showcased my skills and assets. Not long after, I interviewed for a position using my new resume. The position that I was interviewing for ended up not being the right fit, but they were so impressed by my resume, that they created a new position for me at the company. Not only that, but because of the pay increase that came with this new position, I was able to purchase a home, something I never would have been able to do on my former salary. I've now updated my resume with Resumental twice, and will continue to do so for as long as Julie is willing. I'm grateful for the confidence her services have given me and am thankful for my friend's referral. In four years, I've made two career moves, each one in an upward direction. It's hard to imagine doing so without Resumental's help and I'm thankful for this ongoing relationship that has truly changed my life for the better." - Kristen R., Brand Manger, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

"I can not say enough about the positive experience that I had with Julie and her career coaching services. Julie came highly recommended to me by a friend, a decade-long client of Julie’s. As I prepared to commence a new job search nearly two months ago, I reached out to Julie for a resume refresh and interview coaching. Little did I know at the time of the fun, confidence-building, and inspiring journey that was about to unfold. Through my thoughtful consideration and completion of the work history template that Julie provided, I was able to provide quantifiable data to support many of the accomplishments/skills that were already listed on my resume. Julie incorporated this data using carefully crafted, poetic descriptions that made even me marvel at my accomplishments. Perhaps the most fun and inspiring of all was the interview coaching process. Using the work history template as a guide, Julie and I had an in-depth phone conversation discussing common interview questions and responses. The questions forced me to dig deep with the intention of identifying and expressing who I am, what I want out of my career AND in life. Throughout the entire coaching process, Julie became a friend, mentoring, advising, and encouraging me to articulate and pursue my dreams - to aim high - and never EVER settle!” - Jen W., Finance Leader, Budget Resume, Interview Coaching, and Cover Letter Services

"Working with Julie on my updated resume was absolutely fantastic. I found Julie to be responsive, provided comprehensive information on her process and she delivered my resume on time. I chose to go with the budget service and she was able to synthesize the information I provided accurately and succinctly. We had two rounds of changes which I would consider to be minor changes and we were done. I started sending my resume out and within a week had several responses. I highly recommend Julie for your resume needs. I enjoyed working with her and I’m sure you will too. 5 stars." - Kathryn J., VP, Account Director, Budget Resume Service

"Both the resume and cover letter look amazing and I can't thank you enough for the work you put into this. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and I truly believe doors will open based off that resume. I already got a very positive response from an online recruiter simply based off my resume. Beyond the work on the resume/cover letter, your positivity and encouraging words were so helpful to me in a time where I really needed that. I'm now onto my third round of interviews with a company I've had my eye on for some time. I truly believe that resume opened that door. The unemployment world is a scary one, but I feel so much more confident armed with my new resume and cover letter." - Woody C., Field Marketing Manager, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

"I do not know if I will ever approach my resume another way. Resumental delivers not only prompt and efficient service leading to an exceptional product, Julie's process expertly and painlessly extrapolates and unwinds--what can be the difficult task of--organizing your professional experience. I feel more confident than ever in my ability to take my career to the next level. I cannot recommend these services enough." Claire H., Brand Manager, Standard Resume Service & Job Search Consulting

"Working with Resumental was an incredible experience! From the start, I was impressed by the structure behind Julie's process and each step of the way, I felt understood and taken care of. I now have a resume and cover letter I feel cofident sending out after months of hesitation. Thank you, Julie!" - Chris W., Operations Professional, Standard Resume & General Cover Letter Services

"I will absolutely keep referring colleagues to you. I was very impressed with your process overall and your knowledge in the space! I truly enjoyed working with you on this! What stood out to me was the level of responsiveness and the attention to detail throughout the process. I found every step of the process very clear and valuable. I particularly benefited from the prework of the work history assessment, spending time pulling information together better prepared me for the phone interview and helped to uncover more relevant information that was not previously highlighted in my resume. Ultimately this process and final documents have given me much more confidence in my job search and application process! Thank you again!" - Katie J., Senior Art Director, Standard Resume & General Cover Letter Services


"I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I did land a job! I actually was able to secure two offers and opted to go with the job that gave me fully remote work and the type of strategic Shopper Marketing focused work that fit best with my skillset! Thank you again for everything! I am so thrilled with how everything came out!" - Update from Katie J., Senior Art Director, Standard Resume & General Cover Letter Services


"Greeting Julie, I just wanted to give you an update on my job search. While I haven't accepted any offers, I went from getting rejections or no responses to almost immediately getting first and second interviews all within the last week. I did get my first offer today and I'm trying to decide if I should take it or wait to see how the other potential roles pan out. I attribute it all to my new resume, so that you for that!"Amy S., Business Operations Leader, Standard Resume

"Tired of mediocre jobs, I was ready to invest in my future and have my resume professionally written. Julie was recommended and I couldn't be more pleased! As promised, she crafted a cover letter and resume that highlights my experience and accomplishments, and are written in a manner that is professional and highly marketable. Already, I've received a call-back on a highly desirable job and I have Julie to thank. Thank you, Julie!"Rebecca R., Parks Administrator, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

 "My reaction to my new resume was "WOW."  Julie will help transform your resume and truly make your talents shine.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I feel 100 times more confident about my job search.  Thank you, Julie!!" - Kerry B., Senior Pricing Analyst, Budget Resume & Cover Letter Services

 "Julie built me a completely comprehensive resume with important career accomplishments I have never taken the time to mention to an interviewer or in a  resume/cover letter. Having such a  strong  resume  has  given me so  much  more confidence  in applying  for jobs and I can't wait for my first  interview when I can really elaborate on all my relevant experience that I normally would've brushed over."  Cristy A., Food Writer and Stylist, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

 "My resume was like the skeleton in my closet! I honestly had no idea what it should look like, what employers care about and how to best present myself due to quite a bit of freelancing in my past. Julie created a resume that makes me confident I can apply to any job and know I'm putting my best foot forward. Now I'm actually excited and energized to begin my job search instead of scared!" Anna G., Project Manager, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

"I always feel so empowered and excited after working with you on my resume! I rave about your services and how much they've helped me throughout my career. Looking forward to collaborating again in the future!"Meghan M., Design Director, Standard Resume Service; Resume Update (2 years later)

 "I had my first interview on Wednesday and a second scheduled. I can't thank you enough for getting my foot in the door. You're a magic maker!" - Bob, K., Director of Digital Experience & Design, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

"Just a quick note to say that I just received a job interview at my desired organization next week! Though I fit the bill in terms of experience and qualifications, I have applied for other jobs in the past that I was well suited for with zero interviews. I absolutely attribute this to your thorough and wonderful  work. Thank you again, I’m so excited, fingers crossed!!" - Rana S., Senior Director of Administration and Academic Operations, Standard & Target Resume and Standard & Target Cover Letter Services 

 "I wanted to write and say that I started a new job in my new town! I'm proofreading at a bigger ad agency and it's my second week here. It only took me 3 weeks from when I moved to actually get the job offer. And I picked up some freelance work right after I arrived here too. It looks like the resume made an impression, so I wanted to let you know that the search has been successful!" - Laryssa S., Proofreader, Budget Resume & Cover Letter Services

"I had an excellent experience working with Julie!" - Kevin E., Organization Transformation Leader, Standard Resume & Cover Letter Services

"Back in 2011, Julie helped redesign and write my resume. At the time, this was my first big job for a corporate/firm. What she created and rewrote was great and 100 times better than the resume I used before. In fact, her resume design and rewrite was so good that I haven't changed it much since then (only changes made were for different roles and jobs). Needless to say, I got that job back in 2011 and on top of that, 7 years, 4 role changes and 2 big firms later, Julie's resume still works like a charm! Thank you Julie!!!!" - Darrell A., IT Support Specialist, Budget Resume Service

"Thank you so much for this!! I'm in a much better place to apply for jobs than I was just a month ago because of your expert help. I appreciate your professionalism, agility, and keen eye in putting together a document I'm proud to send out." Lori H., Publicity Manager, Stand Resume Service