I offer several professional resume-writing services to meet the extent of your needs. Whether you're looking for a full-service experience, moderate intervention, or an affordable revitalization, I've got you covered. 

Hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer to develop your resume is the wisest investment you can make in your career. Your resume is a critical marketing tool that often determines whether you are invited to an interview or not. Choose from our various service levels to meet your unique needs and budget. Please contact me to receive a free assessment of your current resume, strategy for improvement, and custom rate for each of the services below.

This full-service option captures your entire professional narrative by conducting a complete autopsy of work history. I'll work with you to identify and showcase your achievements, skill sets, and value through an in-depth phone interview and questionnaire. We'll refine the resume through a collaborative revision process that delivers a comprehensive resume showcasing your skills and hard-hitting achievements. An affordable option for job seekers on a budget. This service offers the professional expertise of a certified resume writer for those who don’t need the full-service experience. If you’re confident in your ability to tell your complete story in a questionnaire and don’t need an intake conversation to draw out your achievements, then the Budget Resume is a great way to develop a comprehensive resume that sells you to a hiring manager.

If you're satisfied with the content of your resume but need a professional resume writer to optimize it, this service is for you. I'll develop a custom-crafted summary, branding statement, key terms, and ATS-friendly format. I'll also edit and proofread your existing copy. This is a great option for those who aren't looking for content development but would like to make small yet powerful adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of your resume.

Available as an add-on to the Standard Resume, this service is for job seekers with their hearts set on THE ONE PERFECT JOB--the job that you know was made for you! After creating a Standard Resume, I'll work with you to further customize your resume to the specific needs of a particular job. You'll get two documents: a general resume for any job in your industry, and a separate resume targeted to the position you want the most. Let me create for you a professionally written and formatted cover letter that introduces you to a hiring manager and effectively communicates the value you bring to the table. My cover letters are easily customizable, meaning you won't need to re-write a new cover letter for each application; I'll show you how to adjust the document so that it doesn't look like just another form letter, which will help you stand out against the competition. Available as an add-on to any of the resumes, this service will teach you how to identify your dream job and equip you with strategies to apply for unadvertised jobs. Stop wading in the applicant pool! I'll work one-on-one with you to develop and perfect your elevator pitch. I'll also craft answers to common interview questions so that you come across as nothing less than polished & confident in an interview.

Services Snapshot

Compare and contrast the services to view what each level has to offer. When you contact me, I'll provide you with a custom quote for each one of the services I offer so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Content Development via 60-Minute Intake Conversation X - -
Content Development via Questionnaire  X X -
Phone/Email Revisions Unlimited during 10-day editing process - -
Email-Only Revisions - Unlimited during 5-day editing process 2 revisions during 5-day editing process
Editing Existing Content X X X
Custom-Crafted Summary X X X
Branding Statement X X X
Key Terms Section X X X
Key Word Optimization X X X
ATS-Optimized Format X X X
Proofreading X X  X
Cover Letter Writing X X X
Job Search Consulting X X X
Targeted Resume  X - -